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"Does Japan Exemplify the Correlation Between Trauma and Substance Abuse?"

Japan Reports Substance Abuse is on the Rise 

Japan, a country traumatized by recent crises including a nuclear power plant disaster, now faces an increase in alcohol abuse. 

In February of 2014, I first posted an article about concerns of "alcohol dependency" in Japan.

A recent article from the Japan Times describes a continued rise in alcohol abuse since reported in February. Author Masami Ito writes that the time in now for Japan to address the country's growing alcohol abuse problem.

Alcohol is considered an integral part of Japanese culture. From drinking sake at traditional ceremonies for newborns to after-work “nomunication,” a portmanteau word that combines “nomu” (drink) and communication, alcohol gets a positive, fun spin.

But that is changing. The government is finally taking alcoholism seriously and starting to take action — beginning with an alcohol abuse awareness week that kicked off Monday."None for the road: Japan finally takes a sober look at alcohol abuse" was published in the Japan Times November 20, 2014.


Chairman of the Board : Centre For The Study Of Intelligence Operations; Inc.

Great article and SO TRUE, I spent 3 years there and I could not believe the Intake of the Japanese, but also Smoking Cigarettes...I thought to myself these people are killing themselves, Drink during lunch, after work until 11-Midnight, off on a train, sleeping, getting home at 2 am and starting the next day over....I was with high level people, Presidents, VP's all of it... The Japanese are grossly over the limits of alcoholism and addiction….a culture I could not survive in nor do I want to… Sapere aude, Tom

Scott W. Stern, LCSW
Psychotherapist/Empowerment Professional AUTHOR 
Focused on Addictions, Anxiety, OCD, Trauma and PTSD

Thanks, Tom. Yours is an excellent post to share with the public. -- Scott

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